Outer Wilds Expansion Echoes of the Eye Coming September 28 – Gaming – News

Mobius Digital has announced Outer Wilds’ first and only expansion: Echoes of the Eye. The expansion is set to release on September 28. Many details are not yet given, although the publisher does share a trailer.

The published trailer shows the star from the Outer Wilds galaxy being eclipsed and images of caves. on the expansion’s Steam page reads that an ‘anomaly’ has been discovered that cannot be traced to ‘any known location in the solar system’. The story revolves around ‘the darkest secrets of Outer Wilds’. There is no mention of new gameplay elements.

Outer Wilds first appeared in May 2019 at the Epic Store. The space action adventure game is created by Mobius Digital and revolves around a 22-minute time loop. After those 22 minutes, the star of the galaxy goes into supernova and the game starts again. Players can reuse knowledge that they have previously acquired, so that they do not have to redo certain parts of the game every time.

After its release on the Epic Games Store, the game also became available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and via Steam. The Echoes of the Eye expansion will also be coming to these platforms. Mobius Digital is also working on a Switch version of the game; It is not known whether the expansion will also be included.


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