Outer Space Missions, Move and Live on Mars, Can You Really?

JOURNAL OF GARUT – One of the missions outer space what has been done since decades ago, namely exploring the planet Mars.

One of the desires of exploration outer space that is looking for the possibility of life in Mars. In addition, it also calculates the possibility of humans moving and living in Mars.

However, there are important conditions that humans must fulfill if they want to move to another country Mars. Especially with a myriad of mysteries in outer spaceis it still possible that the desire to move occurs?

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Even those who are obsessed with achieving Mars is Elon Musk with his company SpaceX.

If you want to be able to live in Mars, there must be the same conditions as the Earth. Namely availability oxygen to breathe.

Is on the planet Mars available oxygen? The answer is of course no. It can be ascertained that humans cannot breathe if they come to Mars.

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Quoted from the NASI Youtube channel, many preparations must be made to be able to live on Marsv, namely the provision of oxygen.

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