Outbreak of swine fever in Baden-Württemberg

A swine fever outbreak occurred in a company in the Emmendingen district in Baden-Württemberg.

African swine fever was detected at a farm on the Kaiserstuhl in the Emmendingen district in Baden-Württemberg. This was announced by the Ministry of Agriculture on Thursday in Stuttgart. This is the first case in southern Germany. “It was a matter of time before swine fever reached Baden-Württemberg,” said a spokeswoman for the authorities. The state government has prepared intensively for a possible outbreak in recent years, and necessary measures have been initiated on site. “So far there is no evidence that the outbreak has spread to wild boar.”

According to a report by SWR does the farm concerned have free-range farming. Accordingly, the pigs could also have come into contact with wild boars. The further consequences are still unclear, but an entry ban could be issued and roads blocked in a large radius. Minister of Agriculture Hauk wants to announce further details at noon.

African swine fever is a serious viral disease. It only occurs in wild boar and domestic pigs. The infection is almost always fatal and incurable. Although the disease is not contagious for humans or other animal species, a large number of infections can have enormous economic consequences in animal husbandry. Affected pork and food made from it can be consumed without hesitation, but infected pigs are eliminated and excluded from food production to prevent further infections.

African swine fever in wild boar in Germany in 2019

Initially, the disease had spread to Eastern Europe, often it is spread by infected wild boar moving across borders. In 2019, such sick wild boars were also discovered in Germany. Most recently, infected wild boar carcasses were once again discovered in the Spree-Neisse district as part of a hunt for wild animals after the situation had calmed down during the winter months. Serious economic damage is feared if the disease is introduced into large-scale breeding farms. The animal disease was first registered in a pig fattening farm in Germany in mid-July last year. According to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture cases have so far occurred in Brandenburg, Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

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