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Our Perennial: – Corona infected – in isolation on Christmas Eve

After Friday’s “Good morning Norway” broadcast tested Our Perennial (55) positive on Covid-19. It reports TV 2. It means a different and more lonely Christmas than the host had planned.

– We take daily tests in “Good morning Norway”, and all tests have always been negative – also Friday morning, so I was completely shocked when it suddenly became positive, Staude says to TV 2.

She says that she thinks of everyone she has been close to, and crosses her fingers that more people do not have to waste Christmas.

LONELY CHRISTMAS: Host Vår Staude (right) has a lonely Christmas night ahead. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2
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The morning program must have strict infection control rules. In addition to antibac and distance, everyone who is going to the studio must test themselves in advance.

The Christmas celebration also hangs in the balance for many. Perennial is alone in isolation, while her close contacts are in quarantine.

In an SMS to Dagbladet, Staude writes that she does not feel ill. She still crosses her fingers that she can spend Christmas with her loved ones.

– I’m fine, I feel a little sick that I had not thought about it, had there not been a pandemic and such strict infection rules. But sad not to be able to celebrate Christmas with all mine, of course.

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Lose Christmas and birthday

For Staude’s “Good Morning Norway” partner, Peter Me Bubresko (46), was right in quarantine on Friday. Since then he has isolated himself. Bubresko has ordered a PCR test on Christmas Eve, and hopes he gets tested out of quarantine to celebrate Christmas with the family.

MISSING BIG DATES: Host Peter Bubresko loses the children's birthday, as well as Christmas and his girlfriend's birthday.  Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

MISSING BIG DATES: Host Peter Bubresko loses the children’s birthday, as well as Christmas and his girlfriend’s birthday. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB
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With that, Bubresko misses the twin children’s birthday, which turns five on Christmas Eve. He also risks missing out on his girlfriend’s birthday, which is on Christmas Eve itself.

No more cases reported

The program reports that guests who have been to the studio during Thursday and Friday have been notified. So far, no more cases have been reported, and the shipment will therefore be able to go as planned.

The presenters’ absence will be resolved with the substitutes Camilla Laache and Camilla Botilsrud Sagen until further notice. “Merry Christmas Norway” on 23 and 24 December will be led by Espen Fiveland and Cathrine Fossum.

Dagbladet has been in contact with PR and media adviser in Good Morning Norway, Nina Engh, and is awaiting a response.

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