Ostravský Zajíc started the demolition of Příbram: I went to the field to score a goal, and there were two …

Twenty-four-year-old forward Tomáš Zajíc sat down in the first half of the duel between Příbram and Baník on the bench. He was really fidgeted, because Ostrava, even though she played from the fourth minute after the exclusion of Kingue’s home overtime, was barren. At halftime, the quarantined coach Luboš Kozel ordered three changes by phone. One of them was Zajíc, who started the demolition of Příbram and with two goals he participated in the victory of Baník 4: 0. “I went to the field with the goal of scoring a goal, and there were two of them,” he smiled after the match …

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

After the troubled first half, you destroyed Příbram. How did you experience the match?

No player likes to sit on the bench. In the end it was a good match for us, I’m happy for winning and two goals I scored.

With what tasks did the jumping coach Ondřej Smetana send you to the field?

To score a goal. I did that and added one more.

The other one was great, you played with three defending players and a goalkeeper. Did you have this event invented right after the pass?

No, but my opponents still hit me, so I always had to jam the ball. Until an open gate opened in front of me. Then it was easy.

Have you had a similar show during the match?

This was the first time, maybe sometime in training I did something similar.

Did you mean the hat-trick?

After the second goal, a little yes, but three points are more important.

Why did you dismantle the defense of Příbram only after almost an hour of play?

The home team played by ten, they defended well in the block. Only when my first goal allowed the defense, then they had to open the game and we took full advantage of that.

Was Coach Kozl’s absence on the bench known?

Not exactly. The coach participated online in the pre-match preparation, gave us clear tasks, set tactics. He was in telephone contact with the bench during the first half. We responded well to his instructions.

Did you notice the fans behind the stadium fence?

They were great, then we went to thank them. About thirty, perhaps even more, came across the country. They are heartthrobs when they weigh such a path with the knowledge that they will not get into the auditorium.

Can two goals and the praise of the jumping coach Smetana help you to the basic line-up?

This is more of a question for the coach. Next time we play against Slovácko, from where I came to Baník. I would like to take action against him. I want to help the team, and I hope we win the match.



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