‘Orange Belgium will come this year with a separate subscription for broadband internet’ – IT Pro – News

According to the new CEO of the company, Orange Belgium comes with a separate subscription for broadband internet. The subscription would become cheaper than the comparable subscriptions from Proximus and Telenet.

Xavier Pichon, the company’s new CEO, says in an interview with De Tijd that the separate broadband subscription will probably be available this year. “There is demand for it, so we have to go for it,” said Pichon. Orange Belgium currently has a market share of 10 percent and wants to increase that to 25 percent. The provider wants to do this with a separate subscription for broadband internet, among other things.

Competitors Proximus and Telenet already offer subscriptions with only broadband internet. With those providers that costs 27.50 and 28.31 euros per month respectively. Orange would like to go well below that amount, but what the separate broadband subscription will cost is not yet clear.

Orange currently only offers fixed internet in combination with mobile subscriptions. Those subscriptions cost 70 and 55 euros per month. Orange also offers Flybox for 20 euros per month, which is a separate internet subscription, but it uses a 4G connection.

Orange Belgium’s current offer
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