The demonstration against the Omnibus Law at the DIY DPRD Building was chaotic, some were injured and got tear gas, JOGJA—The demonstration against the Omnibus Law of the Job Creation Law in front of the DIY DPRD building on Thursday (10/8/2020) was marred by chaos. Bottles were thrown. The police then fired tear gas. A number of people were injured.

The situation in the courtyard of the DIY DPRD building heated up. It is unclear who started throwing bottles at police. However, the throwing triggered demonstrators throwing bottles and a number of objects at the police. Then, tear gas was fired. One person who was in the courtyard of the DPRD building was injured in the head due to being crushed.

This Thursday, the Yogyakarta Mobile People’s Alliance (ARB) held a demonstration demanding the cancellation of the Omnibus Law on Cipta Kerja on Thursday (8/10/2020). Thousands of people, mostly students and students, do long march from the UGM roundabout to the DIY DPRD. They called a vote of no confidence,

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The crowd began to crowd the UGM roundabout at 10.00 WIB. The combined alliance is estimated at 5,000 people. Around 11.00 WIB, the ARB crowd started walking with the UGM roundabout route – Mirota Kampus – MC Donald Sudirman – Tugu Jogja – DIY DPRD.

Due to the large crowd, several roads were closed, particularly roads that became lanes long march. The demonstrators also stopped at several points to give speeches. So far the action has been peaceful.

ARB PR, Revo, said that this action was a form of a motion of no confidence in the Jokowi-Ma’aruf government following the ratification of the Omnibus Law on the Job Creation Law. “Jokowi-Ma’aruf must step down from his position, dissolve the DPR and form a People’s Council,” he said.

Although he did not count specifically how many masses, he estimated the number to be up to 5,000. Apart from students, students wearing high school uniforms were also seen joining the ranks.


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