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Opportunities for Transit Agents in New York City: How to Become One

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Excellent.>> Crossing a street in New York City is not easy. Fortunately, we have traffic agents who help pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike. The good thing is that you can also be one of them. Being a transit person is complicated. Ambulances, fire trucks, motorcycles and bicycle taxi drivers with Christmas music mix incessantly. and conducting this symphony is almost like putting together a puzzle. Agent Jenny has been directing traffic for 20 years. >> After a while you learn it. >> The city has 2,427 agents, including three milestones 86 supervisors like Cora. It’s a job to be a transit agent.>> very good job and many opportunities. If you can’t go do it, you can do it.>> is it a good job for a woman?>> yes. I started as an agent, I’m still looking for more positions>> now he has 150 agents under his charge, the good news is that they need to hire 200 more. The requirements are to be 18, have an equivalent high school diploma, not have a criminal record, don’t make a mistake and make someone.>> it’s like any job, the principle is that you just don’t learn.>> it’s dangerous. Agents can be promoted to other levels and complete certain things which is the best thing about being a transit agent. >> The best thing is working with people, helping people. I love being on the street. Especially in Manhattan. Everything happens. >> A curious fact As a pleasure agent you do not need to have a driver’s license but you will have to do so within one year of being hired. In the code you will find the request for

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