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Opgestapte Wirecard ceo was arrested on suspicion of the falsification of figures NOW

The former Wirecard ceo Markus Braun, has been arrested on suspicion of accounting fraud, reported to the public prosecutor of the German city of Munich on Tuesday. He is suspected of both, the revenue as of the balance sheet, fixed to, so as to be more attractive to get customers and investors.

Braun reported on Monday voluntarily to a police station, wrote to the public prosecutor’s office. Tuesday he was taken, after which a judge will determine whether or not he will than have to stay that way.

The ex-president stepped out on Friday, after eighteen years of age at Wirecard, after the accounting firm ernst & young on Thursday a green light, was able to provide for the publication of the annual report in 2019. Ernst & young was able to have the report not be approved, because there are 1.9 billion on the balance sheet, that PEOPLE could not explain. The amount represents one-quarter of the total assets held by the payment service to be provided.

The public prosecutor says that it is in the study with a particular focus on the 2 million. This amount would have to be found in two Philippine banks, Wirecard ordered on Monday are already aware of that, 1.9 billion will probably never be there in the first place.

It wasn’t the first time that the German competes with Adyen in the headlines about financial impropriety, under the direction of Braun. According To The Financial Times (FT.brought in a year and a half ago, that there are documents to be falsified to such accountants for the runaround. Wirecard has always been with tooth and nail opposition to the publication of FT..

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