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OpenAI Launches Sora, Creating Market Explosion: Which AI ETFs are Most Profitable?

Recently, OpenAI (an American artificial intelligence research company) launched the “big bomb” – Sora, a large video generation model, which quickly attracted great attention around the world.

On February 19 (Monday), the A-share market ushered in the first trading day of the Year of the Dragon, and Sora set off an explosive market in the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) sector. Artificial intelligence concept stocks, which were once very popular last year, are facing a rising trend. In terms of ETFs, the Cloud 50 ETF surged 9.69%, approaching the daily limit. Artificial Intelligence ETF and Game Animation ETF rose more than 8%. In addition, there were many products that rose more than 7%.

Sora’s stimulation of AI seems to be comparable to last year’s ChatGPT. So, which related ETFs are the most popular in the market?

Last year, hot stocks surged almost across the board

OpenAI claims that Sora is a “world simulator”.

There are currently two mainstream technical routes for Wensheng video models on the market: one is based on the Transformer model, which is generated from text and images, and the other is based on a diffusion model (Diffusion model), such as Runway. Sora is a Diffusion Transformer model that combines the two. Through the combination of diffusion model (DALL-E3) and transformer architecture (ChatGPT), Sora does not need to predict the next text in the sequence, but predicts the next “Patch” in the sequence. . This means that Sora is trained based on “Patch” rather than the entire video, which is similar to how ChatGPT uses Token to process text. Therefore, Sora can process more data efficiently and the output quality will be higher.

Some netizens lamented: “In the future, online novelists can directly produce movies for us to watch?” On February 18, Zhou Hongyi, chairman of 360, said that Sora may bring huge subversion to the advertising industry, movie trailers, and short video industries, but It may not necessarily defeat TikTok so quickly, but may become TikTok’s creative tool.

The stocks that were the most hyped about the concept of artificial intelligence last year almost all skyrocketed on February 19 this year. Those who hit the daily limit of “20CM” are all familiar faces, such as Zhongji InnoLight, Xinyi Sheng, Yuanjie Technology, Tianfu Communications, Chinese Online, Haitian Ruisheng, etc. In addition, there are a number of stocks that do not have daily limit but have also surged in volume, such as Kunlun Wanwei, Cambrian, Vast Depth, Baiwei Storage, Torsi, etc. Some of these stocks are computing power leaders, some are cloud computing leaders, some are AI chip concepts, some are game media leaders, and some may not have much to do with Sora. Therefore, from the perspective of investment layout, if you want to “catch all” related concept stocks, it may be more suitable to start with ETFs.

Cloud computing themed ETFs were the most popular yesterday

There are currently many ETF products related to artificial intelligence in the A-share market, which can be roughly divided into five major themes and two major industries.

Thematic ETFs related to artificial intelligence mainly include cloud computing themes, AI themes, big data themes, 5G themes and communication themes.

Judging from the market performance on February 19, the cloud computing theme performed the strongest, with Cloud 50 ETF (560660) soaring 9.69%, and many related products rose more than 6%. Communication themed ETFs also performed very well, with the largest increase being the Communication ETF (515880), which increased by 8.64%, and other products increased by more than 6%. The performance of AI themed ETF products is also strong, but there are some differences. The strongest performance is artificial intelligence ETF (515980), which rose 8.66%. The relatively weak performance was only 4.09%. Even so, the 4% increase is still Very good. In addition, the overall increase in big data themed ETFs was more than 4%. The relatively weak one is the 5G theme. Among them, the relatively large increase is 5GETF (159994), which rose 4.55%, and the weaker increase was 3.18%.

Game-related ETFs were the best-performing products in the first half of last year and were the first to become a doubling base. However, in the second half of last year, related products were adjusted significantly. On February 19 this year, ETFs in the gaming field were making a comeback, with major products increasing by more than 7%.

Another major industry ETF related to artificial intelligence is the film and television media industry. However, in terms of product performance, there are obvious differences. Among them, the media ETF (159805) rose 6.31% on February 19, while the film and television ETF (159805) only rose 3.17%.

(Source of article: Daily Economic News)

Article source: Daily Economic News

Original title: Sora’s strong attack on A-share AI concept stocks has hit the daily limit, five major themes and two major industries, which ETFs are the most profitable?

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