“Open Source AI Model Falcon 40B: Available for Commercial and Research Uses Without Fees”

The Institute of Technology Innovation “Falcon 40B”, the artificial intelligence and open source model in the UAE, has made it fully available for commercial and research uses without commercial fees, in the framework of supporting workers and stakeholders in the research and business sectors around the world who rely on artificial intelligence technologies.

The Falcon-40b was ranked first globally on the Hugging Face list of large language models, beating out other leading models such as LLaMA from Meta and StableLM from Stability AI.

Under the flexible Apache 2.0 software license, the end user of the Falcon 40B can access any patent covered by the software, as the license guarantees safe and open source software and provides an effective governance model.

The move by the Institute of Technology Innovation to provide unrestricted access to the “Falcon 40B” model is an affirmation of its commitment and dedication to sharing technical innovations, exchanging knowledge and building a global cooperative system, as well as contributing to the consolidation of the UAE’s global leadership in the field of artificial intelligence and the embodiment of the country’s commitment to pave The path towards a future in which AI technologies play a pivotal role in promoting positive change.

It is certain that the open deployment of the Falcon 40B model without commercial fees will contribute to empowering public and private sector institutions and enhancing the capabilities of their competencies, leading to the acceleration of projects.


On her part, Dr. said. Ibtisam Al Mazrouei, Director of the Artificial Intelligence Unit at the Institute of Technological Innovation: “We are committed to supporting the capabilities of innovators and entrepreneurs and enabling them to expand their projects and research in the field of artificial intelligence and the various technological economic sectors, with the aim of advancing progress and serving humanity. Therefore, the Falcon 40B model is fully available. Without any fees, it is an important step to promote comprehensive technological progress.

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2023-05-31 22:03:06
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