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Only Kamal Haasan deserves to say my film is bad: Director Alphonse Puthren responds to criticism

Alphonse replied to the audience who judged Gold as a bad movie

Alphonse Putra’s film ‘Gold’, which arrived with high expectations, failed to get success in the theatres. ‘Gold’ was Alphonse’s film after a gap of seven years after the superhit film ‘Premam’. So the audience was waiting for the film with great anticipation. But unable to keep those expectations, ‘Gold’ left the theater. The film was heavily criticized on social media.

Alphonse’s reply to the audience who criticized the film through his Instagram page is now gaining attention. “Gold is a bad movie. Accept it and download the next film… the scene will change,” was the comment of the audience.

“This is wrong bro. Let’s say you didn’t like the movie. Kamal Haasan sir is the only person I have seen in India who is qualified to say that my film is bad. He is the only person who knows more about film work than me,” replied Alphonse Putra.

Many people have commented in response to Alphonse’s words. “But then make a film only for Kamal Haasan to watch, Putretta. Is he the only one with freedom of speech? Are we all fools who come to the theater by taking a hundred rupees from the money we earn?? A reminder that there is nothing wrong with being resilient in the face of criticism,” responded one viewer.

Our freedom of expression has not been given to Kamal Haasan, can’t those who have seen the film comment?, No artist is immune to criticism.

Along with Prithviraj and Nayanthara in lead roles, Ajmal Ameer, Jagadish, Saiju Kurup, Altaf, Krishna Shankar, Vinay Fort, Roshan Mathew, Sabumon, Lalu Alex, Sabreesh Verma, Premkumar, Mallika Sukumaran, Deepti Sathi, Baburaj, Shantikrishna, Shammi Thilakan, Ivala Babu, Around 23 stars like Abu Salim, Suresh Krishna, Tesni Khan, Jafar Idukki are also lined up in the film. ‘Gold’ is produced by Listyn Stephen under the banner of Magic Frames and Supriya Menon under the banner of Prithviraj Productions.

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