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One navy officer found dead at sea after 12 hours of disappearance

A naval ship officer who went missing during a night mission on the southern coast of Baengnyeongdo, the northernmost part of the West Sea, was found dead within 12 hours.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said today (9th), “A naval ship executive was missing at about 10 pm yesterday in the southern sea area of ​​Baengnyeongdo Island, but was found dead in the sea near the incident at about 10 am today and is being transported to Pyeongtaek Port.” .

The Navy said, “We plan to take follow-up measures, such as confirming the accident process and matters related to navigational safety under the supervision of the Naval Safety Group, and preparing supplementary measures.”

The dead officer was Sergeant A, who was aboard the Navy’s 450t-class guided ammunition.

Mr. A was captured by the high-speed ship CCTV around 9:35 pm on the 8th, the day he disappeared.

About 40 people, including Mr. A, were on board.

The high-speed ship arrived at Baengnyeongdo at around 10:14 pm on the same day after a night mission at sea, and the military is known to have finally confirmed the disappearance of Mr. A at around 10:30 pm.

Accordingly, it is estimated to have disappeared between 9:35 and 10:30 PM.

The military authorities operated the bird prediction system right after the disappearance was recognized, while searching for naval ships, maritime ships, and government ships.

Military authorities are known to be mindful of several possibilities, including loss of failure, considering the poor weather conditions such as snowfall and low temperatures at the time of disappearance.

When Mr. A was disappeared, it was said that the view was blurred due to snow in the nearby sea, the wave height was about 2.5m high, and the wind was strong.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the military authorities have spread the disappearance situation and the search situation more than a dozen times through the International Commercial Shipping Network and the Coast Guard Gyeongin VTS from around 0:15 on the 9th, two hours after yesterday’s disappearance.

Both channels are a kind of one-way communication method that can be sent to fishing vessels or commercial vessels in nearby waters, and although they are not mutual communication, reception is also possible in North Korea.

The North Korean side showed little reaction to this, and the military authorities explained that the North Korean military did not show much trend.

Instead, it is known that the North Korean military only communicated unfairly, which they normally do.

Unfair communication is a unilateral transmission of’unfair’ communications that are not recognized by military authorities, and North Korea is said to warn that, even during normal times, if a Korean ship approaches the West Sea Northern Limit Line (NLL), it should’depart.’

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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