“One Burger: Valencia’s Hidden Gem in a Laundromat”

What it looks like on the outside has nothing to do with what it actually is. Inside, washing machines, detergent boxes, baskets with clothes, and a few chairs and tables confuse anyone who approaches. Behind the drum of one of the washing machines, a girl takes out a hamburger wrapped in a paper bag. In it you can read One Burger, the one and only.

It is a tramp space is located at number 24 Micer Mascó street in Valencia and in recent weeks it has become the hottest place in the city. His original decoration and that it only has one hamburger on its menu make this restaurant a place of pilgrimage not only for lovers of meat between breads, but also for the curious.

A burger joint hidden in a laundromat

The decor seems to have been imported directly from a american laundry. detergent boxes Ajaxthe baskets, the white tiles and even the informative washing signs surprise how realistic the props. “We wanted the place to represent an American space, as it is a hamburger restaurant, but at the same time break with the established and look for an idea that would surprise, such as taking a burger out of a washing machine”, says María Sarrió, head of marketing for One Burger.

Orders are made through a machine / ONE BURGER

In the premises there is no bar or trace of any waiter. And it is that the orders are made through the screens located between the washing machines, as if they were going to select a type of washing. Then one is assigned machines and the order is collected directly from the drum of one of them. While the order is being placed, there are dozens of stools and shared tables to wait and enjoy the food.

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a single hamburger

“The venue is very cool, it looks like a real laundry”, says Andrea Mendieta. This young woman discovered the place on Instagram and since then it has been one of her favorites in the city. “It’s a very cool concept, you don’t interact at any time with any waiter, but instead you have to place the orders through a machine, like Burger King or McDonald’s”, she explains.

One Burger, the only hamburger on the menu / ONE BURGER
One Burger, the only hamburger on the menu / ONE BURGER

The star of this place is undoubtedly One Burger itself, the only option from the menu. It’s formed by two discs of 90 grams of matured beef, relish sauce, melted cheddar, crispy bacon, a secret sauce and brioche bread. A single option, “very good”, describes Mendieta.

Reasonable prices

One Burger’s marketing manager explains why there is only one option on the menu. “We thought about how we could launch ourselves into the market having little money and we realized a big problem: today there is a huge complicated and monotonous over-supply and we just wanted to offer burger lovers a simple, unique, uncomplicated and high-quality option, since having only one we can perfect it to the maximum”.

In the ordering machine you can choose the point of meat or remove ingredients (do not add). In addition, the food can be accompanied with truffled potatoes and other sauces to further enrich the experience. Finally, lovers of sweets and desserts can also take a cheesecake or a milkshake out of the drum of the washing machines to finish off the meal. The price of the hamburger is 10,50 euros and the local hours are from 12:30 to 23:30 every day. “A good value for money”, sums up one of her clients.

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