“Orlen’s Controversial Sale of Lotos and Potential Sale of Russian Oil at Lukoil Stations in Hungary”

  • The information contained in the report shows that over 80 gas stations in Hungary, which until recently operated as the Russian Lukoil, have recently become Orlen stations
  • Hence, according to the author of the report, there is a suspicion that these stations will continue to sell Russian oil
  • The author of the report also reached sources who claim that at least one large international company was interested in purchasing Lotos, but was not allowed to submit an offer
  • More important information can be found on the Onet home page

The information revealed by the author of the report shows that Orlen’s loss on the sale of Lotos is not the only problem with a large transaction in the Polish fuel industry. But important, because the TVN24 material shows that Orlen was to lose over PLN 4 billion on operations related to the sale of part of Lotosy.

2023-05-29 21:50:39
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