One billion from Penta defeated the Gorilla. The Slovak police are on the verge of arrest in recent weeks Svt

Prague / Bratislava Oistec, Boue or Jid ᚓ. These are the cover of a number of large-scale police actions in Slovakia, during which recent investigators, high-ranking prosecutors and high-ranking prosecutors and police officers have arrested them. As well as influential personalities of Slovak business.

In this respect, the biggest hunt is Penta’s current investment. Jaroslav Hak, a 51-year-old native of northeastern Slovakia, has so far been considered untouchable from the point of view of the police. Even though it has appeared in the past in connection with his business activities, a number of suspicions and speculations. He now announced the arrest of two verbal comments in connection with the fact that the prosecutor’s office and the police had their hands torn.

Mafia, or stt

For that, the spring change of government. The key political agenda of the current Prime Minister Igor Matovia has been the fight against corruption and pro-organized crime with politics or the judiciary since the very beginning. Before the election, he made it clear that he wanted to return to the old days, such as corruption in connection with the Gorilla case in 2005 and 2006.

Luke Kyselica, a long-time director of his teaching darkness, nominated Mate for the position of candidate. After the elections, he was even speculated for a while as the Minister of the Interior.

Mat believes that this year he won the election in the burrow, first thanks to the promise that the old ties will be broken. When they first appeared in ter veer about Penta Haka, the premier commented on Facebook with the words: The mafia is only as strong as the weak stt. Teka.

The other Slovenian politicians have been spraying the party with some comments on Hak’s arrest. Only former longtime Robert Fico reminded you that you are honored to be presumed innocent. He accused the current government of trying to divert attention from his own failures during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fic’s first relationship with Haka and the Penta groups can be described as many. He, too, was one of the politicians mentioned in the Gorilla file that they met Hake in a Bratislava conspiracy apartment. Among the topics they talked about were, among other things, the financial of Fico’s Smer party.

But when Fico first became a government in 2006, Pent and other financial groups began to define themselves. His cabinet, for example, ruined his full privatization fly in Bratislava. When Penta started a business in healthcare and acquired a company in the Dvera company, the premier tried to limit its profits.

Hakv kamard Koner

At the time, Fico liked to say that the financial group was like a goat. But in the end, several people from companies around Penta became members of the Ministry of Health. And her hospital empire in Slovakia grew so during the years when the government was led by the Social Democrat Fico.

How strong the lobbying of the financial group was showed last year as well. At that time, deputies from the left-wing Liberal Coalition of Progressive Slovakia-Together tried to enforce legislation restricting business in healthcare. It should be mandatory for the company that owns the health insurance company to be allowed to own the health care provider at the same time. Not only the coalition was opposed, but also the main opposition party, the OaNO movement of the current Prime Minister Matovia.

It is also worth mentioning Hak’s connection to the businessman Marian Koner. Among other things, his first police investigator identified the newspaper Jan Kuciak, who swept Slovakia two years ago, as the sponsor of the betrayal. The police proved that both entrepreneurs regularly communicated through the Threema application. Hak even testified in the trial of Kuciak’s killers. The ashes of the fact that anything would lead to liquidation.

Penta Group, hidden hr of Slovak politics

I don’t know, you bird? Please, I want some help. Do you have a business outside? Or how do you do such finances? ask a secret, fifteen-year-old co-owner of the Czechoslovak financial group Penta Investments Jaroslav Hak, an assistant politician Robert Fico, how to finance his party Smr. Fico later became prime minister. In a conspiracy apartment in Vazovov Street in Bratislava, he met with politicians, high officials and oligarchs and, according to suspicions, corrupted them.

And he was still calm. There was no evidence in the case of the Gorilla. Just a year ago in June, an anonymous man sent these wiretaps for eighty hours, secretly, which MF DNES made available to me in a newspaper. Undoubted proof of what happened in the apartment in the center of the Slovak capital. And the policeman got in ter for Haka and gave the people a drink in the Penta donkey. He was arrested and charged with plundered and laundered pensions. According to information from MF DNES, first in connection with recordings.

Mr. 61: 0 in handcuffs

For years, the special prosecutor Duan Kovik, to whom the Slovaks call Mr. 61: 0, oversaw the deportation of the Gorilla affair. It is a ratio of supervised cases and indictments. The forensic scientists who tattooed the Gorillas complained that Kovik did not approve of the performance of horses, and the police were in control and no one could be accused.

Kovik is still in custody, according to the cover he helped such a criminal gang. And the police, who are suddenly in the mood, have been arrested for their lives in recent weeks. Former police president Tibor Gapar, former director of the National Criminal Agency Peter Hrako, a tenant judge and you and former former deputy at the Ministry of Justice Monika Jankovsk ended up in the cell. Hak and his accused are just a long piece of the mosaic.

If I am arrested further, he will be inspected by Ondrej Repa, who is in charge of a special prosecutor’s office. The circle of suspects is not closed and the process is actively investigated, he declared an operation called Oistec. He raided the names Bouka and Vichice. It is not yet known how anyone who was marked a raid on Penta. The police did not comment on the jet. If Hak’s eclipse closed the circle, he wasn’t sure. Most of the main characters Gorillas received a bag from the police accused.

It affects him without function

According to Penta Investments’ talks Lenka Vargov, Hak resigned in the middle of all senior positions in investment groups. He kept the bag of his ownership, and Iain Child took over his position in the group. I want to reassure all our employees, business partners and customers that our group is stable, said Child after his accession. Zen Penty, in addition to him, is in charge of the co-owners Marek Dospiva, Jozef Oravkin and Eduard Matk.

The company briefly told her after the intervention in the media report that it considered the police action to be unjustified. Jaroslav Hak defended the interrogation, which was supposed to relate to a prisoner about five years old suspected of criminal activity due to an alleged illegal trade in recordings from the Gorilla case. After the end of this interrogation, an accusation was brought against him, added Penta’s speech Martin Danko.

In Slovakia, political spades reacted to the police crackdown. For example, Prime Minister Igor Matovi stated on Facebook that the mafia is as strong as it is weak.

In Slovakia, we have been accustomed for a long time to the fact that the police and the prosecutor’s office have made a noise and blinded the institution, which often found that big fish did not happen, said Veronika Remiov, chairwoman of the For People’s Koalin party. Penta company also in Czech. Own, among other things, with Dr. Dr. Max or Fortuna’s office. that the involvement would be related to business in the Czech Republic, but Penta refused to speak. No, there is no (impact) on Penta’s activities in R or on the group’s activities as such. Jaroslav Hak is accused as a natural person, wrote Danko MF DNES.

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