Omar Sy: his wife Hélène shares rare photos of their children

Omar Sy: his wife Hélène shares rare photos of their children

Married since 2007 but together for much longer, Omar and Hélène Sy have five children, three girls and two boys. His last daughter, Amani-Nour, was born in Los Angeles where the family has lived since 2012. The actor and his wife rarely talk about their children and expose them even less in the media and on social networks. In June 2019, the hero of “Untouchables” made an exception by sharing on Instagram a photo where he hugged his 17 year old daughter (whose face is hidden) just graduated from the equivalent of the bac. This weekend, Hélène Sy unveiled photos of two of their children. “Giving a little bit of yourself helps prevent people from snooping around,” she explained to Elle magazine. Taken against the light, we do not see there again the faces of toddlers. “Be the light. My babies,” commented Hélène Sy in the post.

A discreet couple on their family life

A publication that also made Omar Sy react. The actor commented with a small heart. In an interview with Elle magazine, Hélène Sy had allowed herself to confide in her children and their lives in the United States. “I feel that my children are more free. They are much less returned to their origins than in France, where things have changed since my childhood. I have the impression that at the time we lived fairly harmoniously between different cultures, “she said. Usually, Hélène Sy uses social networks to denounce causes that are close to her heart or to get involved. The one who created the association CékeDuBonheur which helps hospitalized children is notably a fervent supporter of Assa Traoré.

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