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OM, André Villas-Boas has resigned after the arrival of Ntcham

Not wishing for Ntcham’s arrival, Villas-Boas announced at a press conference that he had resigned and was awaiting a response from OM

Not a day goes by without Olympique de Marseille making the headlines. After the incidents that erupted at the Commanderie during the weekend and led to the postponement of the match against Rennes, OM was active in the last hours of the transfer window with the arrival of Olivier Ntcham from Celtic Glasgow or the departure of Nemanja Radonjic.

Finally, this end of the winter transfer market risks having serious consequences for the rest of the Marseille season. Present at a press conference on the eve of the match against Lens, André Villas-Boas simply announced to the journalists present that he had handed in his resignation to the Marseille leaders! Another thunderclap on the Canebière which Jacques-Henri Eyraud would have gone well without.

After the shock of its announcement, Villas-Boas returned to the reasons for this decision. By going to seek Ntcham on the Scottish side, Pablo Longoria went against the Marseille coach. The latter was not convinced by the profile of the former Bleuet to compensate for the departure of Morgan Sanson to Aston Villa.

“It’s a decision made by me. This is precisely a player I said no to. I wasn’t aware of it, I found out when I woke up and went to the number 1 site of the OM. I submitted my resignation saying that I did not agree with the sports policy. Management did not give final feedback with all the matches. I don’t want money, I only want go.”

Scared by this sporting decision of his “head of football”, André Villas-Boas ensures that this choice is not linked to the incidents of the weekend with the supporters but because of the club’s strategy. Pointing out that he was not made aware of the departure of Radonjic, which he has tried to revive in recent weeks, the former Chelsea coach is now awaiting a response from his management.

“I’m waiting for a response from management, and if it’s no, we continue. I don’t want any money, I just want to leave,” AVB repeated. “I want to be clear with you.”

In this already heavy climate on the Canebière, Villas-Boas rekindled the embers but will be present on the Marseille bench against Lens. And certainly should be for a few more days as Classico looms against PSG next weekend. All in a most bizarre atmosphere …

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