Olympique de Marseille ready to compete with PSG thanks to Giroud

The bet is opened, the possible arrival of the forward would allow the club to enter into a contest against the financial giant

Olivier Giroud He is a footballer who has been put back on the roadmap of some of the greats of different countries, his time in England has not been the best since he is in Chelsea and Olympique de Marseille give it a chance. The Gauls want to share their player, now that they know that everything is much more served. He does not play much, beyond that when does it is relevant in the development of the game.

To be able to conquer a possibility in that sense, there will be much greater demand than simple money, at the Chelsea they must conquer it with other things. They seek to enforce the player’s contract, which expires on June 30. However, Marseille is looking for that profile, with experience and quality to stand up to the PSG and the other competitors in the Champions League.

Olivier Giroud.
Olivier Giroud, Chelsea center forward

Giroud looks for space in the next Euro and for this the offer of Olympique de Marseille is perfect

Getting back on the same line as the national coach is a crucial fact. What’s more, he wants or pretends to be the footballer who marks the movements of the elusive strikers who have the coach in that area. For this he knows that he must play more, that he must be on the line of continuity, and that above all he must win the place with goals.

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In London it is impossible, he has players with another technique ahead of him, and with youth as an ally in that way. All this works against him and allows him to be conditioned during all this time. So in light of all this, we will have to limit ourselves to the options and with this it seems that things can change. Breaking the current contract with a large sum of money is the way, otherwise it becomes even more complicated.

With Giroud the competitive level would grow in Ligue 1 and that is the fundamental premise to see all this on the field

It’s what they are looking for, with a league dominated by a single team, these types of appearances are falling from the sky. They want it to be the main argument, and the factor that allows Marseille to remain at the highest of current levels. This includes the League and the Champions League, a tournament to which he aspires to return like in the old days.

The winter market is falling, and with it some news may fall. We’ll see if the English finally decide to give in, a topic that is expected to be somewhat complex at the moment. Apparently they are going to put a lot of obstacles, and it would not be surprising that they will aim to demand a player as a reason for choice in this fact. Everything is to be resolved, everything is subject to directive approval.

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