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ok a Recovery Plan ma scontro in Cdm- Corriere.it

10.08 – Di Maio: Serve seriousness, from all a step back
Last night we approved the 209 billion euro recovery plan with which we will start the reconstruction. Italy must restart. Seriousness and responsibility are needed in this historical moment. Everyone take a step back for the love of the country. Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio writes on Facebook, adding: We need to be pragmatic and concrete. We are talking about resources to face the pandemic, of aid for those who struggle from morning to evening, of pensions, of the elderly, we are talking about those who have been unjustly hit by the crisis as companies and workers. The real crisis is being experienced by the Italians, not politics, concludes the head of the foreign ministry.

10.05 am – Amendola: Crisis? Country needs should be listened to
Government crisis? Right now we should listen to the country and act accordingly. Enzo Amendola, Minister for European Affairs, told Rainews24. There is a vaccination campaign in place to beat covid, we have the economic effects and the ensuing battle that weigh – he said – European funds have to program. The method, to avoid the government crisis, is: as we did for Next generation, you sit down, listen and improve. A ruling class must offer this to the country – he stressed – In this phase, the general interest of the country must prevail and not partisan ones.

9.54 – Faraone (Iv): no veto on Conte but a new executive is needed
There is no veto on Conte but we need a new government and a legislative pact. The leader of Iv in the Senate, Davide pharaoh, guest of Radio too. The Renzian representative confirms that Italia viva will vote on the health measures of Speranza, the budget variance and the new refreshment decree. As for the Recovery, we will see if it will be improved in Parliament. I am among the 7 out of 10 Italians who do not want the crisis. But in the year of Conte II government there are many issues that have divided us. We do not want a sop but a government that is good for the country, he added.

9.00 – Renzi’s press conference at 17.30
The press conference of the leader of IV, Matteo Renzi, with the ministers Teresa Bellanova and Elena Bonetti, and the undersecretary Ivan Scalfarotto will take place today at 5.30 pm in the Chamber. Iv makes it known. The press conference will serve to clarify the government crisis, after the abstention of ministers Bellanova and Bonetti on the Recovery plan in the Council of Ministers tonight.

8.30 – Tajani: A public health government? The center-right will decide together
A public health government? The center-right will decide together, we will see the scenario as it will be. Antonio Tajani a Radio Anch’ior. We will never support a leftist government whose programs and values ​​we do not share. Another thing is a collaboration at an institutional level with our ideas and proposals, starting with those for the Recovery fund – explained the vice president of FI-. If the government has to deal with the Coronavirus with one, two or three defectors, a very limited project. If this is the dream, the refrain is the usual but then it never happens. a question that concerns the left, the left must solve its problems.

8.00-Ministers abstention IV in the Council of Ministers
The two ministers of Italy Viva Teresa Bellanova and Elena Bonetti abstained tonight in the Council of Ministers on the Recovery plan due to the absence of the Mes together with the European Plan. Today at 5 pm the press conference of Italia Viva with Matteo Renzi is expected.

6.50 am – Bellanova: Insufficient recovery, Iv draws consequences
The crisis opened when with a stroke of hand an attempt was made to insert a rule on the governance of Recovery that was never shared: this was stated by the Minister of Agriculture and national coordinator of Italia Viva Teresa Bellanova, in an interview with The print in which he reiterated that the recovery plan remains totally inadequate and the issue of the ESM remains unresolved. Our decisions will be consequent and we will specify them in the press conference tomorrow (today, ed.), He explained. We recognize the steps forward, but they don’t satisfy us, Bellanova said.

00.20 – Woods: If the crisis opens, you don’t go to vote
The problem was of merit and method on the Recovery but not only. The problem is not Conte but if we pose themes, the answer cannot be how many seats you want? I went around all the ministries according to the papers but we never asked for a ministry. Maria Elena Boschi said it on Tuesday evening a Door to door. Then if today the showgirls of Palazzo Chigi bring out with this certainty that the experience with IV is over, it means that they have other numbers, adds Boschi who still excludes the early vote: If a crisis opens tomorrow, Parliament will find a solution you don’t go to vote.

11.10 pm – Renzi: What we do is called politics
Unlike what the singers of the single thought tell to unified networks, there is no request for armchairs, no pretext controversy, no irresponsible act. What we do is called POLITICS: studying the cards and making proposals: Matteo Renzi’s latest tweet.

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