Conner Rousseau maintains full confidence in Vandenbroucke n …

Sp.a chairman Conner Rousseau retains full confidence in his fellow party member and Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke. He said this in “Terzake” on Monday, after criticism had arisen of Vandenbroucke’s statement that the closure of the non-essential stores should create a shock effect.

“When the second wave hit hard and the hospitals groaned, we had to step up the fight against the virus on all fronts,” said Rousseau. That the schools were allowed to remain open and that those who wanted to leave their home did not need a certificate, as in France, were the only two exceptions that were allowed. “We had to grab the virus by his scruff and limit the number of contacts and in that way also the number of infections.”

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One of Vandenbroucke’s critics is former Minister of the Self-Employed and MR Member of Parliament Denis Ducarme, nevertheless a coalition partner of Vandenbroucke and the sp.a. “We are all familiar with the approach of the MR during the previous administration: easing too quickly has plunged us into this shit,” Rousseau retorted.

The sp.a chairman defended the government’s approach. “It is precisely because of all the measures, and the sacrifices that the retailers have made, that the figures are now heading in the right direction. (…) When things go well, everyone wants to relax. Well, reopening the stores is what we do. ”

Rousseau said he hoped not to end up in the “dumb street” of the past years. “This government has now got off to a good start, it would grace Belgium and Flanders to pull together. Why would you want to give certain individuals the impression that their sacrifices made no difference? ”


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