“Oh Martine, oh Martine, our grief is incalculable”: colleagues say goodbye to Martine Tanghe

Of course, (a slightly modified version of) Louis Neefs’ “Martine” could not be missing from the broadcast. As a blonde goddess she first appeared on the screen 42 years ago, with a short, silver-gray head she says goodbye today. Oh Martine, oh Martine, our grief is not too overseen “, mourned Byloo.

Over the past 42 years, she has guided us through the world news. With calm steadfastness, with compassion and empathy, of course also with her clear, accurate language and sometimes, after a report, with a look that says even more than her carefully selected words We’re gonna miss her, the leading lady from “Het Journaal”, the great lady of the news service, the power behind the throne of the VRT. “

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