Doom Eternal is due out for Nintendo Switch on December 8th – Gaming – News

Doom Eternal can be played on the Nintendo Switch from December 8. It was already clear that the port of this game for Nintendo’s console was yet to be released, but so far no definitive release date was known.

Nintendo has put a new trailer of Doom Eternal online and developer Bethesda reports in a faq on its own website that the game is currently only available in digital form. That means availability either via the Nintendo Switch eShop or via digital codes from third-party stores. The game takes up 18.8GB of storage space.

Bethesda further clarifies that the Switch version of Doom Eternal uses optional gyroscopic controls, which can be turned on or off in the main menu of the game. There is multiplayer, in the form of Battlemode. That’s a two-on-one mode where a fully armed Doom Slayer has to compete against two player-controlled demons.

Doom Eternal has been available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia since March. The dlc called Ancient Gods: Part One was also released for those platforms in October. This first part will also be available for the Nintendo Switch, but no specific release date is known yet.

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