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Office 365 Administrator Account Receives Reminder Letters for Questionable URLs Detected

I found that starting from 2023/7/12, the administrator account in Office 365 will receive several reminder letters from Office 365. The common content in the letters is that there will be a line

Questionable URLs detected in message

I carefully read the content of these letters. At the back of the message, some letters will write that it is because which URL is judged as Questionable URLs, such as: lihi2[dot]com, some letters will write None…

At first, I intuitively thought that it was the Office 365 letter system, and it directly intercepted and forwarded to the system administrator the letters that it judged to be problematic. Later, I thought it was impossible. If that was the case, I should have received hundreds of thousands of letters, and there should not be so few letters.

I didn’t receive it before 2023/7/12. I don’t know if Office 365 (or Microsoft 365) has made some information security adjustments to trigger the notification letter?

After sampling the relevant colleagues in those letters and conducting some tests, I learned that the reason why the administrator received the letter was that the colleagues fished out some letters in their Outlook “Spam” folder, and then clicked the action of “This is not spam” in the letter, and the Office 365 system will send the letter to report.

The above is just a superficial test~ I have a rough understanding, and then… I checked the information on the webpage.

There is a page found (requires administrator privileges)

Of course, there are some settings below~ It seems to use this to switch the function, I did not turn it off to confirm! If you also encounter the same problem, you can try it!

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