Offenbach: People in quarantine should report symptoms online

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The Offenbach Health Department has been using a web app since April 16, making it a pioneer in Hesse, according to city officials.

The Offenbach Health Office has been using a web app to care for people who are in quarantine because of a possible infection with Covid-19 and has been taking care of around 60 people. According to the city, Offenbach is the first municipality in Hesse to use such an app.

As the head of the city health office, Bernhard Bornhofen, announced, the app was developed by Cimedo Health (Munich) so that people in isolation can report their health status to the health office daily by text message or email. This is intended to relieve the authority, which calls about 500 people a day because of the pandemic, around 200 of whom are in quarantine.

According to Bornhofen, the health department is obliged to regularly inform people in quarantine how they are doing. Until recently, this was done by phone. Those affected are now reminded to enter their data every day. If their health deteriorates, they receive a call from the authority to clarify how to proceed. Communication via the web app works well with young people, with older people there are problems.

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