Treasury intercepts the incentive of $ 1,200 from 1,169 debtors in ASUME

The Department of Finance reported that it intercepted the federal incentive of the $ 1,200 to 1,169 citizens who had debt in the Administration for Child Support (ASSUME).

The agency indicated that the amount at the moment amounts to $ 901,585. The Treasury told Metro that it had previously notified an erroneous amount, indicating that they had already exceeded one million dollars, so they corrected the information.

The Treasury had already anticipated that ASUME’s debtors would have their debt deducted from the federal incentive, as has been done in the United States. In addition, they have stressed that those who are indebted to the Treasury or the Internal Revenue Service will not have any discount, and they will be given all the incentive given by the United States Government in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The aforementioned incentive consists of $ 1,200 for individuals earning $ 75,000 a year or less, and $ 2,400 for marriages making $ 150,000 or less a year. Likewise, $ 500 will be awarded for each dependent minor.

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The local agency began disbursing the money in its first phase, which includes citizens who filed the 2019 return. This weekend, a link was created so that 2019 taxpayers who had not notified their bank account did so. .

The Secretary of the Treasury, Francisco Parés, indicated in his Twitter account that “already 131k people who filed Planilla2019 have satisfactorily reported their information.” Said figure was from yesterday, Sunday, the total number of taxpayers waiting amounts to 250,000. The link is

Similarly, the agency indicated that on Wednesday it will begin to send the money to these people, and then continue with the 2018 taxpayers.

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