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Offenbach district: High damage caused by graffiti – some regions particularly affected

Graffitis causes enormous damage to property in the Offenbach district every year. Some regions are particularly affected. This is how the police act against the sprayers.

  • Graffiti sprayers provide Offenbach district for high damage to property
  • In addition to Rodgau, Rödermark and Dreieich, Offenbach is a focal point
  • Thanks to witness statements, the police clearance rate is quite good

Rodgau / Rödermark – beautifully colorful – but really beautiful? Graffiti sprayers cause around 250,000 euros of damage per year in the area of ​​responsibility of the police headquarters in Southeast Hesse. Bad: homeowners often remain at the expense of eliminating the smears, since their insurance usually does not cover such cases.

Rodgau is in the Offenbach district in addition to Rödermark, Dreieich, Langen and Neu-Isenburg a focus. Most recently, sprayers lived in Rodgau-Jügesheim on Maistrasse. And in the Nieder-Roden industrial area, they stained many trucks with Eintracht slogans.

Offenbach district: Graffiti annoyance – high damage to property

In Rödermark-Ober-Roden on the other hand, the trains waiting on the siding near the S-Bahn station are particularly keen to mess up. The train has to pay 4,000 euros per train for cleaning. Or the sports hall next to the Oswald-von-Nell-Breuning school – which is also stained regularly.

“But the city is a focal point Offenbach“Says Ursula Elmas. In the police headquarters, she heads the Sprayer division with currently three officers and one office worker.

Lubricant shop on the bridge over the S-Bahn near the split tablet in Ober-Roden.

© Pelka

District of Offenbach: Graffiti damages 250,000 euros annually – 455 cases in 2019

Hesse-wide, there is only one other area presidium of such a specialized group of investigators: Frankfurt. “The others have individual clerks who also pursue other crimes.” The Elmas troops, however, only detect sprayer.

In 2019 there was their area of ​​responsibility (city and Offenbach district, City of Hanau, Main-Kinzig-Kreis) 455 cases. 112 were cleared up – largely thanks to evidence.

The 455 cases naturally only reflect the cases displayed. Elmas: “We have a large number of unreported cases. For example, the “HUGO” sprayed in Rodgau was only displayed once, but in fact it is found illegally sprayed over 20 times. In order to clarify or recognize series, a higher willingness to advertise would be helpful. Witnesses should always report their observations. There too, people look away for a variety of reasons. Let’s take the noise barriers on streets or S-Bahn lines as an example. They are full of graffiti and mostly well used, but we hardly ever get any reports of sprayers over the 110. “

Offenbach district: on the trail of sprayers – clarification rate in Rödermark at 28.6 percent

Nevertheless, the clearance rate is impressive. Overall, it is 24.6 percent, which is well above the Hessian average (16.7 percent). In Rödermark 28.6 of the reported cases are solved, in Rodgau 27.3 percent.

Transformer houses (like here at the Jügesheim train station) are particularly keen to mess up.

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How does the police track down the sprayers? They all spread individual and distinctive lettering. So your handwriting reveals them – provided you know the candidates. There is good contact with police colleagues – such as the federal police.

And to schools. “We are well connected. The sprayers often boast of their deeds on the Internet and social media. We will then pursue this, of course, ”describes the chief detective chief of part of her work. Most recently, it was necessary in Pestalozzistraße, Am Eichenbühl in Urberach and some time ago at the Ober-Roden sports hall.


If you believe the city of Offenbach, the number of illegal graffiti on residential buildings has decreased in the past ten years. However, the damage amounts fluctuate significantly from year to year.

A caretaker from Openbach caught a graffiti sprayer red-handed. He was rewarded for his courageous intervention.

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