Nvidia says it is happy to see new foundry partners hint at considering placing orders with Intel

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Huida Chief Financial Officer Kelis revealed that he is happy to see new foundry partners join, hinting at the potential of cooperating with Intel to produce next-generation chips.Reuters

Most of Nvidia’s chips are currently manufactured by TSMC and Samsung Electronics, but technology media reported that Nvidia’s Chief Financial Officer Colette Kress recently revealed again that she is happy to see new wafer foundry partners join, implying that she will not rule out the possibility. Cooperate with Intel (Intel) to produce a new generation of chips.

Technology media Wccftech quoted Korean media Sedaily as reporting that Kerress was asked at the recent UBS Global Technology Conference whether she would consider cooperating with Intel Foundry Services (IFS) to produce next-generation chips, and gave a very positive response.

“I think there are many great foundry partners, and TSMC has always been an excellent company. As you know, we are now also hiring Samsung for foundry. We will hope to have a third (wafer foundry) Foundry partner)? Of course, we are happy to see a third one, but we also need to understand the services they are interested in providing. Don’t forget, there are other companies that may come to the United States (for production), and TSMC, which has a factory in the United States, is also One of the options. It’s not necessarily different, but the production area is different. There’s nothing stopping us from adding another foundry.”

Huida’s data center graphics processors (GPUs) and gaming chips used in artificial intelligence (AI)/high-efficiency computing (HPC) are mostly produced by TSMC. TSMC is expected to maintain its status as a key partner of Huida and produce Hopper. H200 and Blackwell B100 GPU to maintain Huida’s AI market share momentum. If there are additional orders, you can place an order with Samsung.

Huida wants to create a richer wafer foundry partner ecosystem and is open to using a third wafer foundry (meaning Intel).

U.S. industry insiders have talked about the possibility of using Intel as a foundry partner. Huida CEO Huang Jenxun has also hinted that Intel’s wafer foundries may be used to produce chips that are about to be launched. Intel is expanding its IFS business, and if it signs a contract with Huida, it will be a major deal.

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