NSTDA sends 4 innovations to tackle the new coronavirus outbreak!

January 14, 2021


NSTDA delivers 4 innovations covering both protection Reducing the spread and killing germs Including screening and early diagnosis Delivered to agencies at risk and demanding the use of various equipment To combat COVID-19

Dr. Narong Sirilertworakul, DirectorNational Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) Revealed that NSTDA has accelerated the development of research and innovation in collaboration with partner agencies in both the public and private sectors to help slow down the disease.COVID-19 Continuously For the coronavirus outbreak –19 This new wave, NSTDA has brought a number of research and innovation 4 The portfolio covers both defense Reducing the spread and killing germs Including screening and early diagnosis, delivered to agencies at risk and demanding the use of various equipment

4 The innovations that have been delivered are: 1. Disinfection machine by UV curing method (Girm Zaber UVC Sterilizer) Used to kill germs in hospitals or places at risk. Helps reduce chemical residue. And the use of disinfectant spray Research results developed by Technology Center for National Security and Commercial Applications NSTDA.Machine Girm Zaber Station number 6 units for various agencies, including Rayong Hospital, amount 2 Laboratory animal center machine Faculty of Veterinary Science Chulalongkorn University 1 Machine and Samut Sakhon Province Which is in the health zone 5 Ministry of Public Health number 3 Machine (BMF Innotech Co., Ltd., a recipient of the joint technology transferring 1 device)

The Girm Zaber Station sterilizer It works using ultraviolet rays with a wavelength in the frequency band. 254 Nanometer, which is highly effective in removing mold. Bacteria And the virus causing COVID-19 Can eliminate germs on the surface of medical equipment Electronic device Including viruses in airborne droplets For the method of use, must be used in a closed area. (No living things, such as people, animals, plants) Spend time eliminating pathogens on average each point. 515 Minutes reduces cleaning time Reduce operator risk And reduce the cost of using disinfectants by Girm Zaber Station Tested for performance from the Research Institute of Biotechnology and Genetics Engineering. Chulalongkorn University And passed the standard test Lighting (TIS. 1955/EN55015) From the Electrical and Electronic Product Testing Center (PTEC)

2.Benzion antiseptic products (Benzion) Zinc ion virus and bacterial disinfectant That comes from the extension of technology from the National Center for Nanotechnology (Nanotech) NSTDA under a research project “Development of Zinc Ion Production Process for Inhibition of Bacteria” in collaboration with the National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (Biotech) NSTDA, where a research team brings mineral supplements such as Zinc (Zinc) That normally have properties to kill pathogenic microorganisms To increase efficiency to work better with the addition of chelates and stabilizers by Unisil Group Co., Ltd., technology transfer and production.Quantity of benzion products delivered 64 gallon To Rayong Hospital for 10 gallons in Samut Sakhon Province Which is in the health zone 5, Ministry of Public Health (Ministry of Public Health), 50 gallons of Mae Ramat Hospital, Tak Province, 2 gallons and Umphang Hospital, Tak Province, 2 gallons

3. High-performance mask, Zephy Plus (Safie More) Researched and developed by Center for Facility Technology and Medical Devices (A-MED) Together with the National Metal and Materials Technology Center NSTDA, produced by a private manufacturer that has certified standardized production ISO 13485 in mask manufacturing

NSTDA currently supplies 160,000 Safie Plus masks to various agencies. To prevent the spread of disease, including Samut Sakhon Province Which is in health zone 5, Ministry of Public Health (Ministry of Public Health), 100,000 pieces, Mae Ramat Hospital, Tak Province, 5,000 pieces. Ban Phaeo Hospital Samut Sakhon province, 10,000 pieces of Songkhla Hospital And Hat Yai Hospital, Songkhla Province, amount 25,000 pieces, Umphang Hospital, Tak Province, amount 5,000 pieces, Phra Pokklao Hospital Chanthaburi Province, 5,000 pieces and Rayong Hospital 10,000 piece


“The specialty of the Sephi Plus mask is its 4 thickness. The filter layer was developed with hydroxyapatite and titanium coating technology on natural fibers. Which has the ability to trap dust with small particles and microorganisms Thus helping to prevent dust PM2.5 And can eliminate microbes, viruses and bacteria when exposed to sunlight Cephee Plus is designed to fit the face. It is easy to breathe, making it possible to wear for a long time. More importantly, the Sepy Plus mask has passed the dust filter efficiency test. PM2.5 have 99% As standard ASTM F2299 from MOT South Singapore And passed the virus filter efficiency test (Viral filtration efficiency: VFE) Yes 99% From Nelson Laboratory United States, and also passed the virus killing efficacy test. H1N1 (Influenza A VirusBy Mahidol University “

Director of NSTDA further said that in the field of diagnosis, NSTDA has brought the fourth research.Digital chest x-ray machine BodiiRay S (Digital Chest Radiography) Digital X-ray system developed by the medical imaging system research team Facility Technology and Medical Device Research Center (AWITH) Which can be used to diagnose pneumonia And passed electrical and radiation safety standards Delivered and installed at a field hospital In the care of Ban Phaeo Hospital Samut Sakhon Province: 1 device to assist public health officials and medical personnel to use for early diagnosis and screening of lung disease


For digital chest X-ray machine The machine contains an X-ray source. Digital radiation scene X-ray photo management and storage software X-ray setting and control software And digital x-ray image processing and display software (RadiiView software) That can be connected to the medical imaging data storage system (PACS) Can display X-ray images immediately Making it support a wide variety of applications And can be adjusted according to the needs of the user. More importantly, images are sharp and clear with their image processing software. BodiiRay Making it better for doctors to diagnose disease


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