Not wanting to give up like the RX King, Suzuki prepares Hayabusa 2021


TOKYO – Not like Yamaha RX King who had to surrender because of the emission rules, Suzuki apparently didn’t want to have the same fate as the RX King. Hayabusa revealed to have launched the 2021 version expected to be equipped with a 1.440cc natural aspiration force (NA) engine or a new turbo.

As reported cardriveLast year, the leaked sketch of the latest Hayabusa patent, which means that Suzuki is in the process of developing a new generation, is called the ‘god of wind’ model. Meanwhile, Autoby news produces three-dimensional (3D) digital images of Hayabusa (2021) as below.

Compared to the old version, the Hayabusa looks bigger while maintaining the original design with a soft plastic coating on the outside. There is a possibility that the new Hayabusa will use a 190hp 1.440cc engine or a new turbo-tech engine.

Not wanting to give up like the RX King, Suzuki prepares Hayabusa 2021

Many expect Suzuki to equip the hyperbike with advanced electronic technology such as the Suzuki Smart Riding System (SIRS) introduced in the V-Strom 1050 XT (2020), consisting of new sensors and bend ABS brakes.

Suzuki stopped selling the Hayabusa at the end of 2018 following the modrl’s failure to comply with European emission regulations. This model was first introduced in 1999 and became the first commercial motorcycle to reach a speed of 321kmj. The last generation Hayabusa uses a 1,340cc engine with 172hp @ 9,500rpm of power and 132Nm @ 8,500rpm of torque, and weighs 250kg.

Not wanting to give up like the RX King, Suzuki prepares Hayabusa 2021

the sad news is because of the engine Suzuki Hayabusa currently does not meet the Euro 4 exhaust emission standards. In fact, in its home country, Japan, production of this big motorbike (moge) has been stopped.



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