No ordinance for red micro zones, new regional measures announced – Health

No ordinance, at least for this evening (11/22/1010). The president of the Fedriga Region still takes a few hours, but new anti-contagion measures will be presented tomorrow morning at 11.30 in a press conference together with the health councilor Riccardo Riccardi.

The boom in positivity found in the last four days is of great concern, as is the penetration of the virus in residences for the elderly, both for what concerns the guests and especially for the operators, so much so that in many retirement homes it is becoming a problem to find staff replacement.

From some indiscretions, the hypothesis of mini red zones in the most affected municipalities seems to have faded, for three reasons: the first reason is that it would concern a very small number of people, no more than seventy thousand. The second is that people without positive swabs from countries would still move – lawfully – to go to work.

The third is institutional: the precedent of the transition from the yellow to the orange zone a few hours after a new regional ordinance – then withdrawn – left some slag. And the regional government is aware that – with the current numbers and the percentage of hospitalized that has exceeded the threshold – if the national executive decided for the red zone as early as Tuesday for the whole of Friuli Venezia Giulia, little could be done.

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