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Nivin Pauly’s Career Comeback: Malayali From India Movie Update

Nivin Pauly is the favorite star of the Malayalees. Nivin started his career with the movie Malarwadi Art Club directed by Vineeth Srinivasan and quickly became a young actor with fans all over South India.

Nivin, who has been delivering hits at the box office for some time now, has been trying to make a good comeback. Now, Nivin Pauly’s comeback is being discussed again about his role in Vineeth’s own film, After Years.

People who have seen the film say that Nivin Pauly’s character was able to take the film to another level in a short period of time. Nivin’s next film is Malayalee From India directed by Dijo Jose Antony.

Nivin and the director are talking about the film. She said if you see the promo, you will think that this is just a comedy movie, but there is a different episode. Nivin said that his look is different in the film and he has donned a special wig. She was talking to Arun Smokey.

“Dejo Jose Antony, who is next to me, is the director who shot for 136 days saying it was 36 days. Malayali From India is a movie that can be watched by family audiences. With a rural setting and interesting events surrounding Gopi’s character, it is a fun film to watch.

If you look at the promotions and the events, this looks like a very fun movie. But there are other programs. It is not a film about fighting and bravery like love. The current time is shown in the video.

But the view is a little different. He had given me a magnificent wig. It seems to have been specially designed by an Oscar winning fly in America. When I saw him, I asked if he wouldn’t be puram the troll after this. The director said no. He said that the hair is not the same in every film, so if you put it, the character will have a difference. A brown wig is given. I have designed it (laughs), says Nivin Pauly.

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