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Dangerous ‘Heart’ Drops Banned in Many Countries Revealed by Medicine Man Ivan Romasov

They are banned in many countries

“Heart” drops are a popular method in Russia to combat anxiety, stress, poor sleep and chest pain, which many consider to be cheap and harmless. A medicine man Ivan Romasov indicate on the INVITRO website whether these products are useful or harmful.

He announced that the composition of Corvalol, Valocordin, Valoserdin and other “heart” drops are very dangerous for people. For example, they contain phenobarbital (luminal). This is a drug from the group of barbiturates – anticonvulsant drugs.

It was first used against seizures and epilepsy, but over time it was found to have a sedative and tranquilizing effect.

Elderly people love phenobarbital drops for inducing pleasant sleep. The price to pay for it is damage to the liver, lungs, allergies and cancer.

These drops also cause depression, impair memory and lead to depression.

At the same time, they hide the symptoms of heart disease instead of treating them, and then it becomes more difficult to treat these patients.

Many years ago, the sedative effect of phenobarbital was used to reduce pain in angina pectoris and acute coronary syndrome. At that time there were only modern medicines against these symptoms. But old people have not changed their mind and they continue to take drugs that destroy their health.

Back in 1995, WHO reported: long-term use of phenobarbital increases carcinogenesis, which ends in malignant tumors.

The other parts of these drugs also do not provide any benefit – they hide the problems, making the situation worse.

The material is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.

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