Ninja reappears after the collapse of the Mixer platform


After Microsoft lowered the curtain on the streaming platform Mixer, its most famous star has reappeared in digital spheres.

This is Tyler Blevins, globally known as Ninja, who played this Wednesday, July 8 Fortnite, but this time through YouTube.

In accordance with BBC NewsHis channel has reached around 24 million subscribers and peaked at 160,000 people watching it simultaneously during its first broadcast.

The version of the British chain pointed out that Ninja was reunited in the battle royale of Epic Games with other famous streamers, such as Dr. Lupo, TimTheTatman and Courage.

“It is still unclear if Ninja has signed an agreement to play exclusively on YouTube, or if it will also appear on places like Twitch,” the outlet added.

Despite his absence for more than a year, Ninja has 14 million followers on the Twitch platform, which was changed in August 2019 by Mixer.

Blevins is quite an authority on Fortnite, so much so that the game released in early 2020 a own skin, with teal hair and a yellow headband.

The virtual character of the world‘s most famous video game streamer also features a custom Back Bling emoticon and a double katana as a weapon.

At the end of last March, Ninja and his wife Jessica They donated $ 150,000 to Feeding America, one of the charities that have come to the aid of those affected by the pandemic.

“I have been fortunate enough, specifically broadcasting, to be in the financial situation that my wife and I are in now. It’s amazing, so we wanted to give back as much as we can to the families that are being affected, ”she said on that occasion.

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