A young woman complains after a racist message on her coffee: “It’s a word that tarnishes the reputation of Muslims around the world”


This event happened in Minnesota.

Like almost every day, Aishah, a young American woman of 19 years went to get her coffee in a Starbucks Cofee in her city. Until the day when she noticed odious remarks on her goblet: “Isis”. This acronym stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. This word deeply shocked the young Muslim woman and decided to file a complaint: “When I received the drink, I was really shocked that even today, we can write such things. This word that was written on the goblet is a word that tarnishes the reputation of Muslims all over the worldshe explained during a press conference this week.

The employee tried as best he could to defend himself by explaining that he had misunderstood Aishah’s first name. The latter replied that it was absolutely impossible and that she had repeated her first name several times.

The 19-year-old woman attempted to chat with the Starbucks manager after this unfortunate incident. The latter explained that “mistakes were happening” and he refuted the idea that it was intentional. After this incident, Aishah received a $ 25 gift card and a new coffee before being kicked out by security personnel. Sufficient? Certainly not for Aishah. Despite these efforts, she still decided to file a discrimination complaint. The Aishah clan, represented by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), demands the dismissal of the employee as well as better training of the staff in general.

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