Ningxin Village, Xiaoshan, Zhejiang: Parent-Child Sports Meeting Welcomes the Asian Games and Fosters Growth Together

Ningxin Village, Xiaoshan, Zhejiang: Parents and children welcome the Asian Games and grow up together

Hangzhou Net Release time: 2023-06-02 01:50 The lush greenery and trees are coming to summer, and sports and fitness ignite passion. On May 28, the launching ceremony of the “National Fitness for the Asian Games” series of activities in Ningxin Village, Xiaoshan, Zhejiang Province and the parent-child sports meeting opened lively.

The event was hosted by the Ningxin Village Party Committee, Ningxin Village Committee, Ningxin Village Population and Family Association, Ningxin Village Women’s Federation, Ningxin Village Labor Union, and Ningxin Village Customs Working Committee. A total of 29 groups of families participated in the event.

The Hangzhou Asian Games is not only a grand event at the doorstep of Xiaoshan people, but also a good opportunity for children to learn about the Asian Games, participate in physical exercise, cultivate the awareness of national fitness from an early age, and feel the strong atmosphere of the Asian Games. In the later period, Ningxin Village will also carry out other age groups and other types of sports events to help the national fitness activities flourish.

There was bursts of music at the event, and colorful flags fluttered. In the cheerful warm-up exercise “Sports Song”, the sports meeting kicked off. 29 groups of families take turns to join in the battle, respectively participating in throwing and picking up, chicks hatching, picking up dolls, mom and dad follow me, stepping on stones to cross the river, happy gliding, who is the magic pitcher, penguin family fun, and jumping back and forth with balloons, etc. game item. The children had a great time playing with high spirits, and the parents also put their heart and soul into it, and went all out to cooperate, cheering one after another. Ms. Wang, who brought her children to participate in the parent-child sports meeting, said: “We welcome the opening of the Asian Games in such a special and meaningful way. It is a great sense of participation, and the children are also very happy.”

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In the name of sports, go to the promise of growth. In the sports meeting, the children and their parents, who are the young masters of the Asian Games, cooperated tacitly and successfully completed the challenges of the sports meeting. After the end of the sports meeting, according to the points ranking, the first prize, second prize, third prize, participation award and sports star will be awarded on the spot. Participation is victory, and each group of families present received a beautiful souvenir.

“The parent-child sports meeting stimulated the children’s sports awareness to strive for excellence, and the children’s physical and mental coordination ability was well exercised.” Amidst the joy and laughter of the children and parents, the series of activities of “National Fitness for the Asian Games” and parent-child sports meeting in Ningxin Village came to an end. The happy smiling faces were frozen and became the most beautiful scenery of the day. Through this parent-child sports meeting, the family relationship was communicated, the friendship was conveyed, and the children participated in sports with their parents, which made the children feel the joy of parent-child sports. (Photo and text source: Yang Li, Ningxin Village)

(Original title: Ningxin Village, Xiaoshan, Zhejiang: Parents and children welcome the Asian Games and grow together with childlike innocence)

source:China Net Author: Editor: Chen Dong

2023-06-01 17:50:00

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