Ning Panita Opens Up About her Divorce and Lawsuit, Focusing on Her Children’s Well-being

Ning Panita Opens Up About her Divorce and Lawsuit, Focusing on Her Children’s Well-being

“Ning Panita” came out to open up after her ex-husband “Jin” revealed that they had broken up. Declared to be a person who doesn’t let himself speak but speaks for himself. Revealing that there is no chance of returning, having endured for 11 years, today I can endure it but I don’t want to endure it. Still in the same house But if one day I save up money to buy a house myself, I will move out immediately. Tell me that I will give everything in this life for my children.

“Ning Panita” goes to court to sue third party The other party does not come to the appointment.

after that “Jin – Jarin Thammawattana” The ex-husband of a strong actor and drama producer. “Ning Panita” Came out and opened up that they had broken up. In the program “Peck Sanchai” later on, Ning’s side also came out to make a move. By posting an explanation from your own perspective.

On the same day (21 Sep. 2023) “Ning” opened up about this matter in the show. which he revealed with tears in his eyes that

“Ning Panita” moves after “Jin” reveals they broke up and feels guilty He shouted and asked him to do as he promised.

We’ve been divorced for several months now. Divorced but not divorced?

“Yes (still in the same house?) Yes, we were divorced a long time ago. I have to say that all the stories that have this story have actually existed since before the news. Since last year, a very long time ago, it’s the first time in my life that I’ve had anything and I hardly call anyone. (Did you call other people in the past?) Because I was sad. If I’m alone, I’ll get distracted and nosy. If it’s late at night, I’ll call Moddam (Moddam Kachapa). From childhood until I grew up, it was like this. This is the only thing and the first time in my life that I have very little. If I really couldn’t take it, I never called at all. Until today, Ning believes that everyone knows at the same time. The whole country I didn’t say it because I was embarrassed, or because Ning had done nothing wrong. All this life of being a good wife and mother to my children And being a person with this last name has never done anything wrong. There may be some people who don’t like it. And on the dissatisfaction every time We will always improve. Because we want to preserve our family. There’s nothing wrong at all. Until today, I still don’t feel like I did anything wrong.”

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From what he said Of course, there is the matter of third parties. There should be a lawsuit right now?

“Yes. (Have you had a chance to clear things up yet?) To this day, there has never been any clearing. All in all, every matter. Even the matter with Mr. Jin himself Or with Ning herself I have never been cleared up with anything (apology?) No, I have never been cleared up with anyone. Whether it’s the person creating the story or the person (still), I’ve never been able to clear things up with anyone.”

“Jin” has come out to speak?

“Ning probably doesn’t have to say much. It’s very clear with what Ning wrote on IG. And Ning’s story wouldn’t end even after talking for another 3 hours. There is something shallow, deep, thick, thin, complicated, that’s what Ning wanted to say. I would like to tell everyone to relieve their doubts. Give a press conference in one go and then it’s over. Everything I want to talk about is very much, and Ning believes that everyone wants to know. But some things are not impossible to say, but Ning has a child and Ning still wants to protect the hearts of many people. To be honest, today Ning doesn’t know. Today, Ning said that she still wants to protect the hearts of many people, especially her children. But believe it or not, it was Ning who said to Ning that Mom said everything and said it all, then it’s over so mom won’t be stressed. But Ning felt that Ning was still okay. But Gning didn’t know how much longer he could deal with this. Ning really wanted it to end. This matter, Ning, ended a long time ago. Every time I appear on the show, I will tell you not to take this issue. If I’m going to touch it lightly, what about journalists, presenters, and all the friends I have to work with? He understands us very much, he will touch us lightly just because he has to work. Journalists aren’t always bad. Don’t scold journalists. Don’t scold the host, don’t scold anyone, because in this incident everyone really went out of their way to help, and it’s already over. Why else would you say that?”

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Did he say it like he was going to reconcile?

“He really doesn’t need Ning. Ning Al followed him a long time ago. But I tagged him because I wanted him to see what Ning wrote and that’s it. In Ning’s corner, if something happened today Ningkha gives permission to say his name (raises hands in greeting) when there is a story like this. The first person Ning would call was ‘P’Aom Sunisa’, but today Ning decided not to call him. P’Aom will use the word “let karma do its own work”. But today, Ning Ki let Ning speak. Ask what you want to say Ning wrote it all down.”

Who said that he asked to follow the agreement?

“Yes, that’s it.”

Are you still at his house today?

“Yes, I asked if I would leave his house. If Ning saves up money to buy a house, when will she buy it? Ning will go too. But he’s cute. He let Ning stay. (What if someone else comes to stay one day?) It’s already an agreement. (It’s an area where you have children?) Yes.”

Today’s summary: The man has come out to say that they are divorced. In the past we didn’t talk. What do you want to say today?

“Actually, Ning wrote it all down. Everything written in every word has its own meaning. You may have to suffer with it for another month. But I believe that after this With our way of becoming stars, there will be news here and there. I’ll let it be like that. It’s good that we don’t have to be the ones to say these words ourselves. Even though these words were words that had been requested by Jing herself. Don’t say this word, don’t say it. Ning has written everything clearly on Facebook. If you’re the one who said this, don’t say it. Please take care of your child’s heart. Absolutely do not speak. I don’t want people at home to know. Just to let you know that there was an issue, a quarrel (today everyone already knows?) through Jin’s own words. Ning never spoke. In fact, it was already clear on Facebook. In short, if it were the old version of Ning (sigh), Ning, I think Ning did her best. The ultimate version of what Ning should be good at. But it may not be to anyone’s liking. At that point, Ning didn’t know what to do. It’s us, if something doesn’t happen on our own. There is no way to understand what we have endured for the past 11 years. Can we endure it? Can we endure it? Today, can we endure it? I can still endure it, but I don’t want to endure it. Ning has dignity. Ning has been making a living by herself since she was 15 years old. Ning has never asked for anyone to help me. Please, please. Do everything with both hands and feet. And today, these two hands and feet Before, it was even worse than this. Taking care of my mother, taking care of my younger sibling, we were still able to survive. Today, with only one child, we must be able to survive. Ning has good people all ready to support Ning.”

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Chance to return?

“No. (The parents’ status is the same?) Ning’s status today if everyone knew. My whole life is dedicated to my child. My whole heart, my whole life, everything is my child. Ning’s whole life is a child.”

What did we post?

“In the words that we say “Break up and find someone else” which is actually not the case. There was someone else before we broke up. It’s been there for a very long time.”

About keeping promises Is it about a contract between two people?

“Yes. It’s not a contract that Ning asked for anything. All of them too. Ning has never had the right to demand anything. Never. For anyone who thinks that Ning is demanding anything, Ning wants to stay because she’s rich. Have money for Ning, use the money, choose rich people who have to endure because of money, all kinds of things that look down on Ning. In every message Ning saw, he couldn’t help it. I wanted to choose money, so I hurt myself. Ning never used his money. And these days, Ning never asks for anything. Ning never had the right to make demands. Ning fought because Ning had people around her. From now on, Ning will not escape. No matter what event I go to, Ning will answer like this in a way that I can answer.”

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