Court orders judge to resolve situation of former CICIG president

Court orders judge to resolve situation of former CICIG president

The Fourth Court of Appeals of the Criminal Branch, constituted as a Court of Harassment, ordered the tenth judge “B” Jimi Bremer to resolve the situation of the former president of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), Claudia González, in 48 hours. Despite the fact that the resolution was declared void.

The ruling originates after a personal presentation that was presented in favor of González, which was promoted by lawyer Alejandro Rodríguez Barillas, considering that, since no indictment order was issued, it can be considered an illegal detention. Because the lawyer has been detained since August 28, but Judge Jimi Bremer has not yet heard her first statement.

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“A period of 48 is set, counted from the notification of this order to Judge “B” of the Tenth Pluripersonal Court, Narcoactivity and Crimes against the Environment of the Department of Guatemala, to carry out the continuation of the hearing that was suspended on September 19, 2023, taking into consideration that it is within its powers to extend the hearing outside of business hours.”says the resolution.

It also orders that if there is a non-appearance of the Public ministry (MP) that a prosecutor or assistant prosecutor on duty or on duty be called to conduct the hearing.

Hearing of Claudia González’s first statement suspended

On September 19, Judge Bremer suspended the first statement hearing and moved it to September 27. In that case, the defense warned that irregularities were being committed against the lawyer because the law establishes that no more than 24 hours should pass to develop the first hearing and learn about the charges against her.

The judge of the Supreme Court of Justice, Blanca Staling, accuses González of having ordered supposedly anomalous procedures against him in 2017 for a corruption case, without his immunity having been withdrawn.

González has denounced that his capture is a political persecution against him for the defense work he has carried out on behalf of justice operators.

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