Nikkie seems to confirm with a slip of the tongue in WIDM to be de Mol

During the second assignment called Follow the Money the candidates had to keep an eye on a briefcase that was continuously passed on. When guessing the right briefcase, they got $ 2,250 for the pot. But even during the anniversary season, the motto is often heard: Nothing is what it seems. The candidates could only get the money if they could answer an important question from Rik. In addition to the mysterious suitcase carriers, former Moles also walked across the square. If the participants could name all the names, they eventually got the money. Unfortunately, no one has seen the former saboteurs and so the money stays with Rik.

When the participants discuss which names they will mention, Nikkie de Jager falls through the basket. She immediately calls out the name Rob and by that she can only mean Rob Dekay, because there has never been a Mol with the name Rob before.

Rob Dekay has indeed been a Mol, but Nikkie and the other candidates could never have known that. Thanks to Ron Boszhard’s birthday, we know when the recordings took place, namely November 2019. The season in which Rob de Mol turned out to be was only broadcast in January 2020.

The participants could therefore not know Rob in advance, because he was not officially a Mol at the time. But Nikkie is the first to call his name as possibly former Mol who walked across the square and that is only possible if she has met him prior to the shooting.

If Nikkie has already been chosen as Mol, she has also had contact with former Mollen. They can give her tips and so she can prepare well for her double life during the recordings. This would explain why Nikkie knows that Rob was de Mol.

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Everything about this extra season of WIDM you can see below.

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