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Nijman confesses match fixing and regrets in the statement issued

The North Hollander is suspected of knowingly losing a match in the online Icons of Darts League competition. As long as the investigation continues, Nijman has been suspended from participation in all PDC tournaments. The 20-year-old darter from Uitgeest has meanwhile acknowledged his guilt in a statement issued.

I would like to publicly express my sincere regret and apologies for the mistake I made regarding betting and being involved in match fixing, ”he explains to RTL 7 Darts.

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Put under pressure

According to the two-time Euro Tour participant, he was put under pressure. “I was pressured to lose a match and I agreed to do so. I have admitted the violation and take full responsibility for it and will accept my punishment. ”

He now regrets the decision to agree to consciously lose a match. “I should have talked to my management, the PDPA, DRA or police when I was placed in this position. I would advise any other player who is in a similar position to do so. ”

Nijman made a different choice himself and accepted the offer. “Instead, I agreed and made a stupid mistake for which I am rightly punished. It was a one-time error of judgment that I want to get past and do everything I can to make it right. ”

“I have apologized to the people I have abandoned, including my family who have supported me throughout my career and my management and sponsors. I want to apologize to everyone involved in darts, including the fans. ”


The Dutch darter hopes to return to the darts circuit after his suspension, the length of which is still unknown. “My actions are a personal mistake of mine and not a reflection of the sport of darts. I want to rebuild my career and my reputation and will be committed to helping others educate through my own unfortunate experience so that these types of crimes can be prevented. I will not comment on this at this time in addition to this statement. ”

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