Nicolás Castillo: “With America it is very difficult to find the spaces that it had in Pumas”

The Liga MX It is a tournament as exciting as it is even. There is not a great distance between the different teams and it is not so surprising (as it is in other tournaments) that a cast from the bottom of the standings wins over one of the entertainers.

However, there are some careful rivals. The America It is one of the most important groups in Mexico and with one of the most hierarchical templates. Playing against them involves taking many precautions.

That explained Nicolás Castillo, who also justified his poor performance and not being able to carry out the same tasks with the same efficiency that he carried out in Cougars, before leaving for Benfica in Portugal.

“In America all the teams get behind and it is very difficult to find those spaces that they had in Pumas”, commented the Chilean in dialogue with Pattern.

Yesterday, on his Instagram account, the attacker showed his first touches with the ball after a long time and, in addition, left a message for his detractors.



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