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Nicholas McGee Confesses to Killing Drug Dealer and Hiding Body in Fridge for Almost 2 Years

From prison Nicholas McGee allegedly confessed this week that he had killed Kawsheen Gelzer (39) in a drug fight in New York and then chopped up and hid her body for almost years in the refrigerator of his Brooklyn apartment.with the complicity of his wife.

McGee, 45, who is currently in custody in Chesapeake (Virginia) for a case of identity fraud, apparently now confessed to the murder of Gelzer, for which he had been the main suspect since the NYPD found the dismembered body on the night of January 22 and interrogated his wife, Heather Stines (45), who was present at the apartment in Flatbush.

Gelzer had been on the state sex offender registry since he was convicted of abusing a child. 12 years old in 2005.

After allegedly cutting up the body, McGee and his wife stole drugs from the victim’s clothing pockets and smoked them, while sharing a bottle of vodka, he said. New York Post.

New York police traveled to Virginia this week to investigate McGee after Stine said her husband was responsible for the chilling crime and had committed it in a drug dispute.

According to McGee, The homicide took place on March 22, 2022, 17 months earlier than police originally thought. The inmate described himself as the victim, saying he was upset with the dealer for not delivering drugs to him and Stines, even though The couple regularly allowed him to sleep on their Nostrand Avenue couch.. He also claimed that Gelzer was disrespectful to them.

Apparently McGee stabbed Gelzer and after he died cut up his body. According to him, his wife was at home but she did not participate in the homicide, they left the mutilated body in her apartment for several days until she began to show signs of decomposition. That’s when they hid it in the refrigerator.

Stine was charged Wednesday with concealing a corpse. McGee is expected to be charged with murder in the coming days, law enforcement sources said. All charges are mere accusations and those charged are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

Inside the refrigerator, agents discovered black plastic bags containing what appeared to be parts of a human body, including a head, detailed Joseph Kenny, chief of detectives at the NYPD.

The grisly discovery happened after NYPD Crime Stoppers received an anonymous complaint. When the officers arrived, Stine let them in and once there the police’s attention was focused on a refrigerator conspicuously sealed with duct tape. When they attempted to inspect it, the tenant allegedly became combative, which led to her arrest and subsequent removal from the scene, reported NBC News. Later she She said her husband killed a man and kept the body in his refrigerator.

Los Distinctive Gelzer tattoos, as indicated in their arrest records, they matched those observed on the body, which aided in the preliminary identification process. Investigators showed Stines a photo of him while he was in the hospital undergoing psychiatric evaluation and she positively identified him.

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