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News 24: Pilot’s Life Spared by Providence from Lethal Knife Attack; Al-Ghamdi Recounts Brush with Death

Providence prevented the aggravation of an injury suffered by a pilot captain, after one of his neighbors stabbed him several times with a knife, while they were leaving the mosque, after performing the Maghrib prayer in a neighborhood of Dammam.

After the neighbor stabbed Captain Pilot Hassan Al-Ghamdi in a way that left him, he fled, while the security authorities in the eastern region are still intensifying searches for him. to hold him accountable legally.

In the details of the incident, the perpetrator was oblivious to the victim, and almost planted a knife he brought from his car, after the two people were about to leave the mosque, in the back of Al-Ghamdi, had he not made a quick movement that led to his hand injury.

Al-Ghamdi spoke toNews 24Regarding the details of the incident, which he described as “treacherous,” he said: “When we left the mosque after performing the Maghrib prayer, the offender’s neighbor, who is more than fifty years old, provoked me with some words, and I was trying to ignore him. Until he threatened me clearly, saying (By God, I will not move you).

Al-Ghamdi added during his speech: “I was trying to calm him down by reminding him that we are in Ramadan, and we just left the mosque, and that we are neighbours, you must be ashamed, but he threw my words against the wall, and ran quickly to his car to fetch a sharp tool, which later turned out to be a knife, and had it not been for me With a quick movement, I planted it in my back, but God’s providence saved me from that, so that the knife settled in my hand, and with my attempts to dissuade it from entanglement, he managed to stab me more than once, with separate parts of my body.

According to Al-Tayyar Al-Ghamdi, his treacherous neighbor intended to do what he did, and this is evident through the sharp tool he prepared with which he carried out his act, and fled on the ground amidst his blood.

The victim’s children were able to rescue him and transfer him to a nearby hospital, so that he could receive treatment, and he filed a complaint against that person in a police station, for his disgraceful and treacherous act.

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