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New York raises minimum age to purchase semi-automatic weapons

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Lawmakers in the US state of New York on Thursday evening (local time) approved an amendment to the law that raises the legal minimum age to purchase a semi-automatic rifle from 18 to 21. The state also approves a package with stricter rules for buying firearms and other military equipment. This should reduce the risk of mass murders.


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According to Governor Kathy Hochul, lawmakers passed the bill in response to the deadly shootings in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas last month. The governor has yet to sign the law.

Due to the change in law, anyone wishing to buy a semi-automatic firearm in New York must be at least 21 years old and have a firearms license. In addition, it is also prohibited for citizens to buy a bullet-proof vest, and firearms may be taken from people who may pose a risk to themselves or others. In addition, the threat of mass attacks is now seen as a crime.

US President Joe Biden earlier in the evening during a televised speech called for the fight against gun laws at the national level. Raising the minimum age to buy a gun from 18 to 21, he called “the least” we can do.

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