New York mayor offers Liberty a venue for F1 race

But Greg Maffei was quick to downplay a fourth grand prix of formula 1 in the United States after the already existing ones in Austin, Miami and Las Vegas, saying that organizing a trial in the Big Apple was a “fight they didn’t need to have”.

The former head of Formula 1, Bernie Ecclestone, tried for years to get a career in or near New York. In 2011, developer Leo Hindery proposed Port Imperial in New Jersey, with the skyline in the background.

The appointment was included in the category’s calendar in 2013, and work began on the preparation of the place before the project collapsed due to lack of funding.

Since taking over the Formula 1 business in 2017, Liberty Media has prioritized traveling to the United States as a “destination”, and although they were always interested in New York, the plans for Miami and Las Vegas came to fruition. .

On Thursday, at a financial event held in the New York city, the moderator asked Maffei if a race was planned in this city, and the CEO of the company revealed that the mayor, Eric Adams, who took office in January, has proposed the Randalls and Wards Islands to fulfill the dream of Formula 1.

This place is located in an area of ​​parks and sports venues on the other side of the Harlem River, northeast of Manhattan. However, Maffei made it clear that Liberty was not considering this option.

“The government of Eric Adams has contacted us to ask us for a race,” he said. “I think it’s very difficult, his proposal was to go to Randalls, but it’s probably not our ideal place.”

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“15 or 20 years ago, Leo Hindery, one of my predecessors, spent a lot of time and money trying to build a track in Hoboken,” he continued. “I think the reality is that street grands in a place like New York are very, very difficult.”

“Las Vegas is one of the few places where it can be done, they have a different mentality. New York is a wonderful place, but it is difficult for them to close Central Park,” Maffei said.

When the moderator said he’d like to see a test run in town, the Liberty Media exec insisted, “I suspect there are some who wouldn’t, so it’s a fight we don’t need to have.”

Red Bull Racing RB7 in New York

Photo by: Red Bull Content Pool

Meanwhile, he recalled that the inaugural Miami Grand Prix had been a complete success, although he admitted that there were issues that the organization had to address for 2023: “In general, it has been a great triumph, the demand has been crazy, the number of people who told me that it was the sporting event they went to, it’s brutal”.

“Were there any logistical issues surrounding a race for the first time? The drivers don’t like everything about the track, which is not unusual, or the Paddock Club and security, we’ll see, there are things to work out.” he claimed.

“I think the Dolphins [de Miami]our partners there, have done a great job, I think they are very aware of the problems or issues that have arisen, but they are very solvable,” Maffei said.

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“The television experience, the excitement, the overall tone in Miami was tremendously positive. Very good, and I don’t think that’s going to go away, so I think if the first year issues are worked out, it’s going to be a great, great event.” “, continued the CEO of Liberty Media.

Regarding the losses from the Miami game, which was revealed by promoter Tom Garfinkel, Maffei said: “I think it will be very profitable for the Dolphins, their bottom line and ours are different. They have a 10-year deal and I think They will make a lot of money.”

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