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Mannheim (dpa / lsw) – Driven by voices, he is said to have strangled a woman in Mannheim and injured two others elsewhere: A 32-year-old has to answer to the Mannheim district court from today (9:00 a.m.).

In October last year, the man, who is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, is said to have initially followed a younger woman on the tram from Heidelberg main station and then on foot to her apartment. There he is said to have grabbed her and repeatedly hit her in the face with his fist. According to the prosecutor, the woman tried to flee, but was caught up again by her tormentor. She fell on her face and broke her ankle. After stealing cash, a tablet and a smartphone from her backpack, he fled to Mannheim.

There he is said to have been driven by voices to hide in an apartment building and the next morning to ring a woman whose apartment he had identified as the source of the voices. According to the public prosecutor, the woman unsuspectingly opened the door and was raped and strangled by the suspect. Her husband and daughter are represented by a lawyer as joint plaintiffs in the process.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, more precisely in Krefeld, he is said to have attacked and seriously injured a woman. He was arrested in Duisburg in November 2021 (Az:1 Ks 400 Js 30170/21). The man, who is being held in a psychiatric hospital, is accused of murder, robbery and assault. He is said to have committed the offenses while incapacitated. The regional court will decide in the so-called independent security procedure whether the man remains in a psychiatric clinic.

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