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New York, Hamburg or Rotterdam under water? A possible scenario according to this climatologist

Rising sea levels pose a serious threat to coastal cities around the world, warns climate scientist Anders Levermann. Many iconic cities may have to be abandoned by the turn of the century if the rise in Earth temperatures does not. was not limited.

He calls on leaders to tackle this problem head on, just like unemployment or economic growth.

Anders Levermann, climatologist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Columbia University:

“Rising sea levels are an iconic consequence of the global warming that we cause by burning oil, gas and coal. It is not the only consequence. There are other consequences which are much more threatening. for humans and for our way of life. These are above all extreme weather phenomena, but also the displacement of climatic zones. But the rise in sea level directly affects our wallets, the budget of which coastal cities have, which they must now dedicate to climate protection. And it directly affects our cultural heritage, which we will leave behind as humanity in the future. “

More than 10 meters of rise by the end of the century in the event of inaction

“If we abide by the Paris climate accords, many coastal cities on earth will be able to adapt to rising sea levels. It will be expensive, but it will be possible. If we don’t abide by the Paris accords , each additional degree of warming will cause the sea level to rise by two and a half meters. In other words, if we reach four degrees by the end of the century, that’s what will happen if we do nothing. , that means a sea level rise of more than ten meters in the long run. And it means that we will have to abandon coastal cities like New York, New Orleans, Rotterdam and Hamburg. “

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