New York City – Brutal murder of George Floyd in Minnesota: thousands take to the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn

Coronavirus or not, thousands of people took to the streets of New York on Saturday for the third consecutive time in less than a week …

Saturday, May 30, 2020 (( – Protesters returned to the streets of New York for a third day in a row on Saturday, as Mayor Bill de Blasio pleaded for calm after a protest in Brooklyn at night previous one descended into chaos, leaving people bloodied, vehicles set on fire and hundreds of arrests.

Numerous music videos show thousands of protesters taking to the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Some of these video images suggest direct confrontations with NYPD officers, and there have been reports of police using pepper spray. A number of protesters were seen in handcuffs, but Rezo Nòdwès is not immediately able to specify the number of people arrested by NYPD on Saturday.

The protests took place in all five New York City boroughs, but Manhattan and Brooklyn appear to have seen the biggest protests.

The lanes of the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn were closed shortly before 8 p.m. due to protests, according to the city’s emergency management office.

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