New update! Download WA GB (GB WhatsApp) Many Features and Advantages in This Application!

PURBALINGGAKU– Here update download WA GB (GB WhatsApp) have a lot feature and advantage from application this, see the explanation in this article.

For update download GB WhatsAppstill be application which has a variety feature interesting and different from previous WhatsApp.

Features and Pros application GB WhatsApp has a large selection of new themes provided by application this WhatsApp mod.

However, Download GB WhatsApp legally is it available on the PlayStore and what are the advantages?

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Here are some feature and advantage application GB WhatsApp and available in WA GB:

– Can send messages broadcast to groups.

– Be found feature image/video effects when sent.

– Can open a private status, so that even if a friend makes the story private, they can still see it.

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