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New Samsung QE75QN700CTXTK Television with QLED Screen Technology and 8K Resolution

Samsung QE75QN700CTXTK A new campaign for television has been announced. The television, which makes a difference with its QLED screen technology, is one of the successful television models you can buy in the market.

The television, which stands out with its minimalist design and thin screen frames, comes with the technology called Quantum Matrix. With Quantum Mini LEDs that accurately control the light, high image quality is achieved even in the darkest and brightest scenes. The television, which attracts attention with its 8K resolution feature, has 33 million pixels. A processor called Neural Quantum is used in the device. This processor allows improving image quality with support from artificial intelligence technology. The intelligent processor optimizes watched content for any viewing condition to further improve it. Promising a high level of detail display, the television also includes the One Connect solution that we have seen in previous models. The pluggable One Connect helps users avoid cable clutter. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube ve Disney+ The television, which can be used with many video services such as, also has Dolby Atmos support. 3D surround sound combined with virtual top channel sounds allows users to experience a completely immersive sound experience.


What is the promotional price of the Samsung QE75QN700CTXTK television?

Official sales price 122.399 TL The television is currently available with the discount 89.999 TLIt can be supplied to . Although the model we mentioned in the news has a 75-inch screen size, the television also has different screen size options.

2024-02-19 17:31:29
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